SYS Brings Mobile Recording Studio to Juvenile Hall



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February 9, 2015

Sunset Youth Services brings mobile recording studio to juvenile hall


More than 30 incarcerated youth participate in innovative recording studio program


           San Francisco, CA, February 9, 2015 –- Sunset Youth Services, a local non-profit organization, has embarked on an ambitious expansion of Upstar Studios, a mobile-recording studio program that gives high risk youth a rare opportunity to develop songwriting and audio-recording skills at their schools and now while locked up in the halls. Through a groundbreaking partnership with the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department, Sunset Youth Services introduced Upstar Studios at the San Francisco Juvenile Justice Center in Glen Park this past December, giving dozens of incarcerated youth a chance to explore  writing, rapping and engineering their own projects. The plan is to take Upstar Studios to Log Cabin Ranch in the Santa Cruz Mountains at a later date.

Already successful in using Upstar Studios to teach valuable vocational skills to young people throughout San Francisco, Sunset Youth Services has taken the program to a detention-center setting to give young offenders an artistic, positive outlet for feelings of anger, guilt or frustration that can so often accompany incarceration.

Another aim of the program is to help young people forge relationships with caring adults and a nurturing community that can continue long after their release from detention.

“Our desire is to earn the right to be in the lives of these youth and support them as they make positive changes. Offering access to digital arts creates that road and common language initially that we can build on overtime.”
— Dawn Stueckle, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Sunset Youth Services is thrilled to be working so closely with the SF Juvenile Probation Department in this way.

“Through this program our youth are afforded the opportunity to express themselves and have their voices heard in a constructive and socially acceptable manner.  As part of this program our youth practice writing, recording, editing and mastering their own unique music and audio projects. SYS is able to continue professional contact, support and continued education in the digital recording and videography in a safe environment once JJC and LCR youth transition back into the community.” — Paula Hernandez, Assistant Chief Probation Officer City and County of San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department

About Sunset Youth Services: SYS has been fostering long-term stability and growth in high-risk youth, young adults and families through caring relationships and supportive services since 1993. The programs of SYS are focused on supporting the entire individual and include youth development, youth employment, violence prevention and family support. Each year youth have the opportunity to apply for employment through SYS’s Upstar Records, Upstar Media, Upstar Live and Upstar Studios. These youth-led employment opportunities teach marketable skills through cutting edge technology and digital media.

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